New Minuses Art celebrates the fusion of age-old and avant-garde. Our name is derived from the phrase ‘the new minuses’ in César Vallejo’s poem Trilce XXXVIII, which declares a rich new beginning. Rather than beginning from zero, we position ourselves on the wrong side of numerical accounting, embracing the negative gesture of erasure to rescue what is often overlooked, and offer an incalculably rich new beginning by repurposing the visual vocabulary of the past into modern visual abstraction.

In art, as in life, the past can inspire creativity in the present, and our artwork is influenced by the long tradition of transcultural interchange between East and West aesthetics. Our body of work focuses on experimenting with new ways of doing the old things include forms, textures and materials that are equally related to analog and digital techniques to create non-objective art that conveys a sense of poetic and relaxed expression. We aim to create a body of work that has a life of its own and connects people with the unseen, and the unspeakable feelings that constitute so much of the human experience. We blend and create tension with transparencies and dense substances, using negative space as an active part of the composition that allows an almost unconscious language to emerge.


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Posters are rolled into a tube or toblerone to prevent damage during shipment and will need to be uncurled and flattened once delivered. We recommend placing the poster on a hard flat surface (such as a smooth tabletop), and placing heavy books on either end for several hours.